About Us

Shubham jewellers came into being for the sole purpose of helping you create the jewellery of your dreams.
About US
Shubham jewellers came into being for the sole purpose of helping you create the jewellery of your dreams. It recognizes the need for your personal involvement in something as important as selecting jewellery for yourself and your family for those milestones moments in your lives…
At Shubham jewellers, we collaborate with you to create whatever it is you wish for, whether traditional or contemporary, and we have the background, the experience and the expertise to design and deliver the highest standards of craftsmanship, with attention to the most delicate detail. Not for you the mass-produced or outsourced jewellery that so lacks soul. Come to Shubham jewellers and we will custom design whatever you have in mind.
Over ten golden years of experience the Shubham jewellers team has been quietly crafting stunning jewellery for many, many years to the complete satisfaction of our customers. A thorough background in the jewellery business with a unique specialization in diamonds qualifies us to choose only the best stones and convert them into carefully created and finely finished pieces of art. Ultimately, your jewellery is about you, not us. Your Shubham jewellers experience only reiterates that, in every way. Do call us for an appointment. We will be delighted to receive you.
It’s no accident that I have spent over twenty years in the jewellery trade, working my way through the most intense learning experiences, from grading, cutting and polishing diamonds to eventually overseeing the designing, crafting and finishing of jewellery, to the most exacting standards of perfection.
Within each gem burns a fire nothing can extinguish. It is this fire that seeks us out and draws us to enhance its beauty and convert it into expressions of individuality and style. Perhaps this is why jewellery is created to endure, through the changing fashions, to be passed on from generation to generation, a legacy of unmatched beauty.
I give to each piece of Shubham jewellery, not just my passion for my work, but my personal guarantee of quality. If you haven’t experienced Shubham jewellers, please consider this my personal invitation to do so.